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About Darla

Hi! I'm  thrilled that you are considering our team assist in your upcoming wedding or event.   Having been married to the love of my life, Howard Walker, for 40 years, love and marriage are my passion.  He yields the hammer for building and I provide the lace of design, making us a perfect hammer and lace team.  Together, we've discovered that weddings can be one of the most joyful, yet stressful, times in any couple's life.  My desire, and that of our entire team, is to help plan, design and execute your wedding or special event in a manner where you're able to enjoy your special day and allow us to eliminate the stress. 

Darla + Howard  Emerald Isle-0049.jpg

The Small Details


We are experts at flawlessly and seamlessly executing events. Our desire is to perfect every small detail of your vision so you can enjoy the fun parts of planning. 

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