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We offer full-service planning and design by Darla Walker and her team of experienced planners.


Whether you need assistance from the very beginning of your planning process or if you are  halfway finished and realized you simply need a bit of "coaching down the aisle,"  we can help pull the logistics together for you.  Our team is experienced in the execution of any wedding or special event. 


We would love an opportunity to chat with you regarding your particular needs and desires for your upcoming event.


Gallery of Events

With nearly 20+ years of experience, our design team are experts in perfecting the details and executing the details of creating your vision. 


Enjoy a few pictures from our clients' events.   

pplause & Thanks

"Darla was everything we needed in a wedding planner and more.  We planned a wedding in Tennessee while living in Georgia and the process was so easy, which was not what I expected.  I truly expected the process to be somewhat difficult and complicated.  I expected to have to travel a lot and make unnecessary appointments in Knoxville, but Darla catered to me and my schedule.  She made sure the process was not only easy, but enjoyable for my husband and I.  She was there for us every step of the way making sure our wedding weekend went off without a hitch.

If there is anyone who pays attention to detail, it’s Darla.  She is a true expert in her field.  The little additions that truly make a wedding personal is where Darla thrives.  She has connections all over the world (literally) and anytime she told me she would “take care of it,” I knew I could trust her.  Darla listens to her brides.  If I told her we were over budget, she understood and helped me think of smart ways to cut back.  The same cannot be said for many other planners out there.  I appreciated Darla for that because I never felt like a dollar sign to her.  I was a real bride, marrying a real husband, making a huge life decision and she knew what it meant to be a part of that.

Mr. + Mrs. Ball-0675.jpg

I would go back and relive that season of life any day and I know I have Darla to thank for that.  Our wedding was absolutely incredible.  When you’re planning, it’s challenging to picture the final outcome, but Darla can see the outcome and makes it happen for you. I’d recommend this lady to anyone.  She became a part of our crazy family and I’m forever grateful for her.  I’m excited that her talents are being spread to Nashville and Atlanta and I’m sure there is a lot more in store for her!"

- Leah & Stephan Ball 

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